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suzySunshineLogoImagination Education is proud to offer interactive, educational shows for children aged 3-7 years. With specially written scripts and music, colourful sets and amusing puppets, our shows are sure to amaze and have your children buzzing for days.

Meet Suzy Sunshine, Imagination Education’s mascot and star of our Early Years and Key Stage 1 educational show series. Suzy is larger than life and always on the lookout for an adventure. She loves meeting new friends, singing, dancing and learning! Join Suzy in her Imagination Lab where your pupils will learn that anything is possible…with a little imagination and a little help from your friends!

With seasonal shows celebrating those special times of the year and shows which can be performed all year round, there is a Suzy show out there for everyone. Don’t take our word for it – check out what others have to say about us on our testimonials page!


Suzy Sunshine and the Mixed Up Fairytales 


Suzy has been given a new book, a book of Fairytales. She is so excited to sit down and read it but as she does, she trips and drops it! Will everything be alright?

Soon she gets a visit from her Fairy Godmother who tells her that Fairytale Land is in a mess, everything is in a muddle. Princesses are being mean, Jack is scared and won’t go up the beanstalk and there are all sorts of objects in the wrong stories! All the Fairytale characters need help to get everything back where it should be. Your pupils will enjoy seeing some of their favourite fairytale characters in a new light and getting all the stories sorted.

A cast of four actors will come and bring Fairytale Land to life in this very special show exploring right and wrong, friendship and whether people are always what they seem.

Length – 1 hour | Price – 45AED per child (minimum spend 4,500AED)

Available all year round. Book your performance  now!


Suzy’s Sharing Caring ShowIMAGINATIONEDUCATIONimg_6366_mini

In this 40 minute show, Suzy explores what it means to be a good friend, how to share and how to care for those around you. Join Suzy as she helps Floopy the Alien feel better about being different and helps Charlie, remember his manners and how to share his sweets! With lots of audience participation, actions and songs you can’t help but hum along to, this show is sure to delight young audiences in nurseries and schools alike.

Length – 40 mins | Suitable for ages 3 – 6 years

Price – Only 20AED per child (minimum spend 1,800AED)

Available all year! Perfect for smaller venues and younger children.

Book your performance now!


Suzy’s Book Day Adventure

IMAGINATIONEDUCATIONimg_6166_miniSuzy’s teacher has told her that books are magic and when the characters from some of her favorite stories start appearing, Suzy starts to believe her teacher may be right! Join Suzy for this fun adventure into the world of stories, magic and make believe.

Meet some of the most loved characters from children’s literature including Mr. Rabbit from Alice in Wonderland, Cinderella and Mr. Willy Wonka, to name but a few. Children will love helping Suzy and Mr. Grinling sort the food in the Lighthouse Keeper’s Lunch and playing instruments with Meg the Witch. An all singing, all dancing celebration of children’s literature!

Length – 55 mins | Suitable for ages 3 -7 years

Price – 45AED per chlld (minimum spend 4,000AED)

Available all year! Book your performance now!



Suzy and the Lost Nursery RhymesIMAGINATIONEDUCATIONimg_6530_miniIMAGINATIONEDUCATIONimg_6530_mini

Join Suzy on this very special adventure into the land of nursery rhymes. Mother Goose, the keeper of the magic nursery rhyme book, needs help. Some of the nursery rhyme characters are missing!

Become a member of Suzy’s gang and help solve the puzzle of Humpty Dumpty, find Mary’s little lamb and identify the right shape in ‘Twinkle Twinkle Little Star’. Children will love joining in with familiar songs and games and being a part of this high energy, interactive show.

Length – 55 mins | Suitable for ages 3 -7 years

Price – 45AED per chlld (minimum spend 4,000AED)

Available all year! Book your performance now!



Suzy’s Perfect Pet

IMAGINATIONEDimg_9527Suzy’s Mum has said she can have a new pet but she doesn’t know what animal to choose. She decides to write to Zoe the Zookeeper to ask for some help so she can make the right decision. Join Suzy as she learns how to care for different animals, which ones make the perfect pets and which ones aren’t suitable to live in houses!

This is the perfect show to learn more about animales including camels, frogs, giraffes and many more!

Length – 45mins | Suitable for 3 – 7 years

45AED per child (minimum spend of 4,000AED applies)

Available all year! Book your performance now!


Seasonal Shows

Suzy’s National Day Adventure

It’s nearly National Day! Suzy is preparing for a very special party and the best part? You are all invited! Help Suzy and her friend Charlie as they put up the decorations and blow out the candles on the cake as we wish the UAE a very happy birthday. Explore the colours of the flag, dance the ‘Camel Rock’ and find out more about the famous landmarks of this exciting country. A fun, high energy show with plenty of audience participation. Learning about the UAE has never been so much fun!

Length – 60 mins | Suitable for ages 3 -11 years

Price – 45AED per child (minimum spend 4,000AED)



Suzy’s Winter WonderlandRACHELimg_9858.min

It’s time to wrap up and join Suzy as she explores the magic of winter! Children will love meeting Princess Snowflake and playing instruments to some of the season’s most well known and best loved songs. Sing and dance with Frosty the Snowman and help Suzy find her scarf and gloves so she doesn’t get cold. This show will warm the hearts of children young and old.

Length – 45 mins Price | Suitable for 3 – 7 years

45AED per child (minimum spend 4,000AED)




IMAGINATIONEDUCATIONimg_6284_mini*Show requirements – A large space such as a school hall or dance studio and a power supply

*We travel across the UAE to perform our shows. Please note that the minimum spend for a Suzy show in Ras Al Khaimah and Abu Dhabi are higher at 5,500AED

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