After School Activities

Every child is special. Every child has potential.

Every child can reach it with Imagination Education!

We currently run two classes as an after school activity, Theatre Tots for Early Years and Key Stage One pupils and Theatre Kidz for Key Stage Two. Both classes are delivered after school in various locations across Dubai.


Theatre Tots

Theatre Tots is our drama class for younger pupils and explores basic drama skills such as concentration, listening and improvisation. Through the use of games pupils will have fun pretending, developing stories and exploring different emotions. In all our Theatre Tots classes we try to develop in every child A, B, C – Attitude, Belief and Confidence! Parents are invited to watch the last lesson of the term to see a short performance and all the fun for themselves.



Theatre Kidz

dreamstime_l_30475090Our Theatre Kidz classes continue to develop and strengthen the basic skills learned in Theatre Tots. Pupils will explore emotion and character development through the use of improvisation and the introduction of script. Pupils will work independently and with partners to develop scenes which will be presented at the end of term in a class performance which parents will be invited to watch.


For more information on our after school activity programs, please contact us.

*Length of classes, price and term dates depend on the school



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