Drama and Movement Workshops

Got a curriculum subject you would like to bring alive through drama or movement? We can devise and facilitate a workshop around any theme or subject! Our workshops feature games and activities every child can participate in, whether they’ve been doing drama for years or are completely beginners.

Drama in education can and does help children to examine and gain an understanding of ideas and values in a way that no other learning activity can. They become deeply involved in the story and become part of it and learn from within the story itself.

Drama helps children to:

  • Develop Empathy and Sympathy
    As they strive to act like other people with different circumstances, backgrounds and opportunities.
  • Gain Skills in Communication
    Verbal and non-verbal skills are honed as the children repeatedly rehearse until messages can be clearly understood by their class mates and the audience.
  • Explore Values
    Drama can create many learning opportunities across a wide spectrum of life to allow the children in your class to develop sensitive values.
  • Engage with Learning
    Drama can be totally engrossing and extremely memorable. It is an ideal medium for youngsters to learn in the most effective and pleasurable way.

Our teachers will come and deliver your workshop in character and in costume. We use many resources to help stimulate your pupil’s imagination including music, props, puppets and pictures so whatever the subject, let us bring it to life with drama.

Workshop length:           EY and KS1 – 45mins         KS2 – 1 hour

Price:                                 EY and KS1 – 30AED          KS2 – 35AED

*Minimum of 18 children in a workshop. When there are less than 18 children in a session, an hourly fee will be charged.

For more information on all our drama and movement workshops, give us a call today!

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